District Transfers

The District is required to advise parents and guardians of statutory attendance options and local attendance options available in the District. (EC48980(h)). These are options for attending schools other than the one assigned by the District.  

Intra-District Transfers

Students who attend schools other than those assigned by the District are referred to as transfer students. These requests are for residents who live within District boundaries and want their child(ren) to attend a school other than their assigned residential school. Due to growth, class size limits, and school capacity, it may not be possible to approve all transfers. Requests are granted based on space availability. After space availability is determined, parents will be notified of approval or denial. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian. 

Intra-District Transfer Request Forms

Inter-District Transfers

Inter-district transfer requests from districts outside the boundaries of Hesperia Unified School District require a release from the home district. The parent or legal guardian of a pupil may seek release from the home district to attend a school in any other school district. Transfers will be approved only if space is available.

If you live within the Hesperia Unified School District’s boundaries and would like to attend another school district, you may obtain an inter-district transfer form from the Student Services Department, located at the Administration and Education Support Center.