Open Enrollment

In accordance with Section 35160.5 of the California State Education Code, residents of the Hesperia Unified School District may apply to enroll their student(s) in a school other than their neighborhood school, if space is available. Our open enrollment period is generally mid-February to mid-March annually for the following school year. It should be noted that space may be available with certain restrictions.

Intra-district/Open Enrollment transfers will be accepted at your school of choice unless one or more of the following conditions exist:

  1. It would result in the displacement of students who reside in the school’s boundaries by transferees from outside the school’s boundaries;
  2. It would cause the school to exceed class size average established by the California State Education Code;
  3. It would cause the school to exceed the maximum capacity established by the district for each school;
  4. It would cause the school to exceed maximum class size established by the Class Size Reduction Program;
  5. It would cause a negative impact on the racial and ethnic balance of the school’s population.

All intra-district and inter-district forms are returned to the school site you are requesting to transfer.